Why you should visit St Barts

Shutterstock.com/ Eleanor Scriven
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St Barts is a well known holiday destination among the rich and famous. Yet mere plebians like you and I should consider it too. The island is the perfect combination of tranquility and energy, isolation and community, simplicity, and luxury. If this sounds like a contradiction to you, then you are starting to understand the magic of St Barts. The island offers a juxtaposition in many ways and the only way to really believe it is to see it up close. Here is why we think you should visit St Barts. 

Tranquility and Energy

St Barts is a perfect island getaway. If you have ever been to the white sandy beaches of Thailand or Indonesia you will know that the beautiful calm pictures of secluded beaches do not exist. While a photo may sell that dream when you get there you will struggle to find any sort of room to yourself and beaches are usually crowded with bars, restaurants, and walking street vendors. Not in St Barts. There are many white sandy beaches in St Barts but the difference is the pictures are accurate. Bars and restaurants are not allowed to set up on the beach. This ensures you have the seclusion and tranquility that you want.

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Yet St Barts is not a retirement island. At night the island comes alive. The restaurants are famous for their cuisine and hospitality. The food is exceptional and the nightlife is thriving. While you relaxed all day on the island you will have an opportunity to use that stored up energy. Bars are known to stay open all night and the party never ends, until you want it to. 

Isolation and community

Sometimes you just want to disappear. St Barts is perfect for this. It offers a place where you can find privacy, isolation, and relaxation. If you are desperately trying to give yourself space to think and get away from the real world then St Barts could be the place for you. If you are not convinced just look at the long list of celebrities who visit there every year. St Barts is a place known to respect your privacy.

At the same time, the small population of St Barts is a welcoming one. With a population of 35,000 everyone knows everyone on the island and they will welcome you with open arms. There is no tourism fatigue in St Barts at present so you never see that “not another tourist” face. They are grateful you are there and are happy to entertain.

Simplicity and luxury

St Barts does the simple things very well. You can lie on the beach anywhere in the world but you will enjoy lying on the beach in St Barts more. You can eat out anywhere in the world but you won’t feel the same welcome as in St Barts. While it does these simple things so well it also offers incredible luxury. There are beachside houses and large villas available to rent our buy that will shock you with the level of luxury they offer. St Barts is the play area of the rich and famous so don’t be surprised by the level of grandeur that you encounter. The dock alone is known to be the place to go to see some of the finest yachts in the world.

In short, St Barts is a beautiful place that has yet to be ruined by over-tourism. It is a country that was devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Irma but has recovered and is delighted to offer its services to people. Of course, it’s hard to get to the location, and isolation from the world does come at a price. While we recommend everyone to go to St Barts, we also acknowledge that the price may stop some people from being able to, for now.

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