Why train travel is amazing

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During the global pandemic, flying has become difficult. Even after restrictions start to relax it will still be tough to fly as seats will not be sold at full capacity and prices will have to rise as a result. Yet there was travel before there were airlines and there will be alternative options to airlines for a long time. One of these options is the train. The train is one of the most undervalued travel options of all. There are so many reasons why train travel is amazing. Instead of bothering with flights and the hassle they bring, jump on the train instead. Here is why.

Less hassle at security

Security at airports has always been a huge issue. Depending on the airport you may be asked to take off your shoes, your belt, go for an extra scan and the whole process can take a very long time if you are at a busy airport. We have become so used to the idea of turning up two to three hours before the time of our flight that we no longer question it but think about, that is crazy. Imagine ordering an uber and having to wait outside for two hours. Imagine getting on a train three hours before it leaves. People would riot. With the coronavirus wait times will only get longer so take the train instead. Turn up ten minutes before it leaves, hop on, and relax.

The scenery is better

We all remember the first time we were on a flight. We looked at the window and gazed in amazement at the country below, we marveled at how we raced above the clouds. It is pretty beautiful, but it does get old fast. Every flight pretty much looks the same unless you are entering a city with an incredible skyline. A train journey offers something very different. Throughout the whole journey, you can gaze out the window and marvel at the splendor of the countryside as it whizzes past. The wealthy of many years ago would always travel by train for this reason and it was seen as a luxury option.

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You know the price

Another thing that plane travel has asked us to accept is highly variable ticket prices. Why does a three-hour plane journey cost you anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on when you book while a three-hour train journey costs a set amount. We could argue over the economics of it but really that is not a customer’s concern. This is something that really bothers me and is another reason that makes train travel amazing. On average train travel is far cheaper than plane travel and when you add in the time of waiting at the airport it could get you to your destination quicker.

It is more comfortable

Planes generally are not too generous when it comes to legroom, elbow room, luggage room, or anything else. Trains are the opposite. They usually have space for your hand luggage up top and bigger bags at the end of each carriage. Bringing animals is usually a much easier task too. If you are someone who likes to stretch out their legs then we suggest you opt for the train.

On a like for like comparison, the train comes out on top of the plane in many respects. Of course, there is one that the plane still wins in and that is speed. However, if you are going on a journey where speed is not a key requirement or if the destination is not a great distance away then we suggest you make the smart choice and buy a train ticket instead.

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