We have found one reason not to go to Fiji

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Fiji is a name that conjures images of white sandy beaches and late-night cocktails for almost everyone in the world. Fiji has become a renowned honeymoon destination and for many is a dream holiday that they will save for a long time to realize. However, Fiji is in the middle of nowhere. Do we really have to travel so far and pay so much money for white-sand beaches and a few drinks? It turns out there is a lot more to Fiji than just pretty grains of sand. Fiji is well worth the journey, here is why.

It is paradise

The white sandy beaches are like no other. However, the clear turquoise water, perfect temperatures during the day and night, and the isolation from the rest of the world make this place an Eden on earth. If you have the budget you can actually rent your own entire island and have a piece of paradise all to yourself.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

The waters in Fiji are home to a large array of sea life and while this is true of many places in the world, the water is not as clear as in Fiji. If you make it to Fiji then you are doing yourself a disservice by staying above sea level the entire time. A lot of the beauty is in the water. One of the key attractions is to spend a few hours swimming with manta rays. Manta rays can grow to span nearly 25 feet wide and are incredibly graceful in the water. An incredibly unique experience.

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The people

Tourism is incredibly important to the people of Fiji so they know how to treat their guests. However, it is clear when you are there that the special treatment you are getting is not driven by obligation or financial gain. The people of Fiji are incredibly genuine and kind. They do everything they can do help and at all times have a wide smile to offer for nothing in return.

The romance

Fiji is renowned for its honeymoons because of the postcard-like scenery but also the intimate surroundings it offers. The most common type of accommodation in Fiji is the Bure. This is a small hut with a thatch roof. It has just one main room and offers the privacy a couple would want and the intimacy that is often craved. 

The hikes

While most people send pictures of clear waters and beautiful beaches the hikes are incredibly special in Fiji too. There are numerous waterfalls dotted throughout the islands and if you hike to the top of the highlands you will be treated to some of the greatest views the world has to offer. If there is anything better than watching the sunset in Fiji while sitting on a cliff, we haven’t found it yet.

The adventure
For those who wish to get their heart pumping, you may think Fiji is the wrong place. While Fiji is the perfect place to relax and unwind it can offer adventure and adrenaline too. Depending on what island you visit you can kayak and river raft, take a jet boat ride, go mountain biking, as well as skydiving, shark feeding, and parasailing. Fiji can cater to even the most adventurous soul. Fiji also has some of the best surf in the world so if you looking for endless barrels and tubular waves, you have found your perfect destination too.

In short, yes, Fiji is the perfect location for those who want white sandy beaches and cocktails but the reason it is so famous is that it is the perfect location no matter what you are after. Do you want an active holiday? Head to Fiji. Do you want to relax and unwind? Head to Fiji? Do you want to eat great food and have a luxurious spa every day? Head to Fiji. Do you want the perfect snow holiday? Head to.. Ok then do not go to Fiji.

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