Tips to get through long flights Undrey
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Do you often travel on planes for business? Are you retired and trying your best to see the world? If you have ever been on a plane, then you already understand how hard and difficult a long flight can be. Long plane flights can be extremely draining on your mind and body, especially when you can’t get any rest because of loud passengers or turbulence. We know that many trips feel as if they will never end, so we’d like to give out a few amazing flight hacks that will make any long flight an easier one.

Always fly comfortably

Your first goal is to dress as comfortably as possible for the flight. You don’t need to wear a suit or heels if you don’t want to, especially if you have time to go to your hotel to change after the flight. Instead, choose jeans that fit well and aren’t too tight around the waist or soft leggings that have plenty of stretch to them. A baggy, comfortable short-sleeved top should be worn with a light jacket that can easily be taken off if you get too hot. Well-worn, comfortable tennis shoes are the best choice for footwear while you’re on a long flight. Another tip? Remember to bring a quality neck pillow for the flight. You’ll be sitting up for hours at a time, so make sure that your neck is well-supported to avoid unnecessary cramps.

Take a seat in the back

Many flight attendants have said that there are often not enough specialty items to go around for the entire flight, such as certain snacks, earplugs, or neck pillows. They have to struggle to bring them to guests at the front of the plane as they don’t want other people asking for something they no longer have. If you’d like a bit of special treatment, make sure to book a seat near the back of the plane. You may be able to snag a special item on the down-low. Also, you will be that much closer to the bathrooms-a definite win if you have to be on a long flight!

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Get there early

If you have the choice of sitting down for a few more minutes or standing in the front at the boarding gate, choose to stand. If you are in the front of the line, you may just be given the option of an upgrade if the flight has them. Of course, not every flight will offer their passengers an upgrade, but it doesn’t hurt to be first in line if they do. Sometimes you may even get to switch to a first-class seat for a reduced price or even free! That will definitely make a long flight much easier.

Pack carefully

Do you really want to struggle with a heavy luggage piece as you are walking down the aisle of a crowded plane? Instead, consider what you need while you are on the plane. You’ll want a change of clothes, basic toiletries, and something to do. Since you will likely be taking your smartphone and laptop onboard, make sure you have power packs to charge them back up. If you don’t think you’ll need it during the flight, don’t take it.

Try to relax

If your flight will be a long one, bring something that will help you relax during your time on the plane. A quality sleeping mask is a must when you need to shut out the light on a busy plane. Ear buds can be used to listen to relaxing music as you try to get some sleep, or you can bring earplugs to drown out background noises. Consider downloading some relaxation music to enjoy if you get nervous or edgy on long flights.

When you want to enjoy your long plane ride in comfort, consider the above tips. With some planning and patience, you’ll get through the ride quicker than ever!

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