These places have been abandoned for decades LaVon
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Abandoned areas, places and buildings almost always have something creepy about them. The desolate condition they have often experienced over the years makes them interesting places that are often full of special stories …

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The neglected remnants that are left over are usually decayed, destroyed, buried under a thick layer of dust, overgrown by all kinds of vegetation and they are full of memories. Hereby an overview to get goosebumps.

Pripjat – Ukraine

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Source: Editor Choice

The town of Pripjanly, close to the border to Belarus, was only founded in 1970. It was a closed town for the employees of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Only 16 years after the first people settled there, a nuclear disaster occurred in one of the reactors of the nuclear power plant. Everyone in Pripja had to leave the town as quickly as possible. Due to the extremely high radiation level, the place will remain deserted in the upcoming decades.

Kilchurn Castle – Scotland

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The Scottish Kilchurn Castle is one of the most photographed castles in the world. The beautiful castle was built in the 15th century already, but unfortunately it has only been inhabited for about 250 years. At that time it was home to the most influential families and officials who visited the country. The building has unfortunately been demolished since the 17th century. It does provide beautiful photos.

Kayaköy – Turkey

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The Turkish village of Kayaköy consisted of around 3000 houses, 10 small monasteries, 2 churches, and a school and has been inhabited by people of Greek origin for several hundred years. Until the early 1920s. On January 30, 1923, the Greeks and the Turks reached an agreement that the Greeks who lived in Turkey would go back to Greece and the Turks living in Greece would go back to Turkey. This resulted in the entire place being cleared. Since then, the vacant houses have been uninhabited.

Ta Prohm – Cambodia

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The Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia has been abandoned for hundreds of years. After the fall of the 17th-century Empire, it was abandoned and the jungle took over. As a result, parts of the temple are now entwined with large trees. Although it has been unused for a long time, the local population has been maintaining it well in recent years to ensure that the powerful jungle does not completely destroy it.

Maunsell Army Fort – United Kingdom

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These seven special forts in the middle of the sea were built in the early 40s. They were originally located on the Thames and the Mersey to protect the United Kingdom during the Second World War. After the war, people used to broadcast illegal radio stations for a while, but not long after, the fort was abandoned for good.

City Methodist Church – United States

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The City Methodist Church near the town of Gary was once the largest Methodist church in the Midwestern United States. In 1926 the church opened its doors and the number of members grew to 3000 quite quickly. The price for the construction (of about 1 million dollars) at the time was huge. About 50 years later (in the mid-1970s), the church had only 320 members and maintenance had become too expensive. The church has therefore been empty and abandoned since 1975.

Swingers’ Tiki Palace – United States

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This vacant swimming pool used to belong to a strip club that was built in 1972. Owner Billy Hull organized many parties there in the swinging seventies. Unfortunately, the special place was closed down after one year, after Billy had hired a hitman to kill his wife’s lover. Since then, the site has been abandoned and has been visited by vandalists and alcohol-consuming youngsters who used it for completely different purposes.

Kiev River Boat – Kiev

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This alien-looking boat in the Ukrainian city of Kiev still brings the Soviet era to mind. The boat was designed for trips on the Dnieper River, leading toward the Sea of Kiev. At its peak, the shipping vehicle was able to reach a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour. In the meantime, the futuristic structure is left to nature and is slowly rusting away.

Hotel Del Salto – Colombia

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This beautiful building was built in 1928 near the Colombian city of Bogota, right by a waterfall. It gave tourists the opportunity to get close to the falling water and have a great view. Unfortunately, the building was closed in 1991 due to security risks. Since then it has been empty, and it even seems to be haunted …

Michigan Central Station – United States

Source: Editor Choice

This immense building was built over 100 years ago in the American city of Detroit. It was the highest train station in the world back then. Until 1988 many trains arrived and departed daily, but after the economy had suffered badly, this station had to eventually close its doors as well. The building serves in films sometimes but is otherwise vacant. It is still not clear what is going to happen with it …

Holland Island – United States

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The first houses were built on Holland Island in the 17th century. The island was in the Chesapeake Bay, south-east of the capital of Washington DC. In the years that followed, several fishing and farming families had made their home on the swampy and rapidly eroding island and eventually, around 360 people lived there. Due to the sea level rise, everyone had to leave the island in the early 1900s. Some houses remained standing for a long time until finally, the last remaining house (from 1888 ) disappeared in the sea in 2010 …

New Bedford Orpheum – United States

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In the American state of Massachusetts, you will find the empty theater which is pictured above. It opened its doors in 1912 and was in use for around 50 years. But after that, it only served at special events. Until it was sold in 1962 and then fell into disrepair. Unfortunately, the beautiful building is still empty, despite the fact that there are plans to restore it to its old state …

Beelitz Heilstätten – Germany

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Southwest of Berlin lies Beelitz, a town that is best known for the abandoned hospital complex Beelitz Heilstätten which is located there. Older people with lung tuberculosis, in particular, were treated here in the old days, after which it was used as a military hospital for the German army in both the First and Second World War. Eventually, the last patient was treated there in 1994, after which it fell into oblivion …

The Jet Star Rollercoaster – United States

Source: Editor Choice

Since 1970, the Jet Star Coaster has been a popular attraction on the Casino Pier near the American Seaside Heights. The roller coaster was standing at a beautiful spot on the water and visitors could enjoy a nice ride at full speed. Until Hurricane Sandy swallowed up part of the jetty in 2012, including the Jet Star Coaster …

Ryugyonghotel – North Korea

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The North Korean capital Pyongyang has been home to one of the largest hotels in the world for some 30 years. The building has 105 floors and 3000 rooms. Only the exterior is finished (just like many things in North Korea). Although it looks like new, reports show that the huge structure is completely empty. It serves the charisma in the land of the autocrat Kim Jung-un …

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