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Traveling the world allows you to see some amazing things. You can visit the great wall of China, you can hike to the basecamp of Everest, you can dive next to the coral reef of Australia. All these things will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Those who have the opportunity to travel around the world though, often neglect the wonders on their doorstep. In every country, there are amazing sites and sounds to see and sometimes it takes leaving to really appreciate what we have left behind. Deep in the heart of America lies a small island that has all the peace and tranquility that people travel a thousand miles and pay a lot of money to visit. What they fail to realize is that the perfect place is often waiting for them, close to home.

I grew up in Ireland and loved my childhood there, but when I got old enough I started to travel. I have lived in Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Portugal and visited so many countries in between. When I returned to Ireland for a wedding recently I had the opportunity to be a tourist and I was amazed. The beauty and appeals of my own country were something I had never considered. Since then I have talked to people of many different nationalities who say the same thing.

To our faithful readers in America (and even those who are not), I have found an incredible island in South Carolina that you need to visit. The island is 23 kilometers from the popular tourist town of Savannah and the contrast is remarkable. Daufuskie Island is a throwback to another time. It is one of the most relaxed places in the world and is a great place to spend a relaxing weekend if you find yourself in the area. 

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On the island itself, there is very little. There are no hospitals, there are no streetlights. This is a place to unwind and give in to your lazy side. There is still plenty to do though if required. You can sit on the beach and watch for bottlenosed dolphins. You can hop over to the neighboring island which is a turtle sanctuary. There is a schoolhouse that is referenced in the incredible book ‘The Water is Wide’ that you can visit or even get a tour of. 

Despite its slow nature, everything breathes out its own quality and intrigue. When you decide where to sleep you could choose from the converted 1873 lighthouse or the mansion from 1910, both are now used as accommodation. There are four restaurants in the area so there is plenty to keep your tastebuds busy with the seafood rated very highly across the island. 

Only 400 people live on the island and they are far outnumbered by beautiful pine trees. The island getaway is just that, a getaway. If you live in a city where the pace can sometimes become too much, then you are not far away from true tranquility. If you want to get away without the international flight and needless headache, I fully recommend Daufuskie for a night or two.

In recent years people have tried to go further and further from their home for holidays. I think that in the future we will start to appreciate the incredible wonders on our doorstep a little more. Not only does it give you pride in the place you call home but it gives you the chance to support your local community. It also gives you the chance to know your country better. For your next holiday, look a little closer to home.

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