The man who rescued the memories of a father and daughter

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A modern-day treasure hunter is not like it was in the past. While most people who search for treasure today still hope they will finder a buried chest full of gold bullions it doesn’t happen too often. Instead, the treasures they find often come from a lot closer in time. Whether they find priceless artifacts from the 19th or 20th century or simple pieces of metal from a few weeks ago. Recently one treasure hunter found something truly incredible. Read on to find out more.

Michael Bennet is a treasure hunter. He is a passionate diver and likes to dive in the rivers and lakes near his home. Clearly, because these are rivers and lakes there won’t be any pirate booty discovered from the open seas. Yet he often finds small items that catch his interest. Recently he was diving in a small river near his home when he spotted a lanyard protruding from a rock. He dived closed to inspect and when he moved the rock he found a phone had been wedged there. The phone cover was covered in much and grass and it looked in bad shape, but he picked it up and put it in his boat.

When he got home he took the phone out of its cover and found that the phone was still in excellent condition. It was a relatively new iPhone so he knew that the owner must have lost it recently and likely wanted it back. He charged the phone up and turned it on. The phone turned on without issue but was password protected and there was no way to get in touch with the owner. His adventure appeared to be over. Yet when his family came home they came up with the idea of taking out the sim card and popping it in his phone. It worked! Soon Michael was able to see all of the contacts of the person who lost the phone and he got in touch.

Erica had been on a family adventure 15 months ago when the phone slipped from her hand. It had lodged between two rocks and she had presumed it was gone forever. Little did she know that someone would call her over a year later to ask if she had lost it. Erica had already purchased a new phone and in many ways moved on from the loss of the device. However, what was worth far more than the phone was the memories of her recently deceased father.
What she lost when that phone disappeared were countless photos, messages, voicemails, and videos of her dad. Memories that she had thought she would have for a lifetime were gone. She had taken the memories for granted and although she had enjoyed them she never thought they could disappear too. When the phone was lost and she realized what was missing she was devastated.

Erica was incredibly grateful to Michael for reuniting her with her lost phone and the memories of her father. Erica says she will now backup everything on her phone to the cloud so that she can never lose another memory of her father again. Michael says his passion for diving has only grown as stories like this would never take place if it wasn’t for his love for going underwater. We often give technology a bad reputation but it is clear to see that without this precious phone Erica would not be able to remember key moments with her fathers as vividly. The pieces of plastic and metal that made the phone are not important but the interactions that they allow and the moments they save really are.

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