The growing trend of having a group honeymoon lassedesignen
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A honeymoon is in many ways more important than a wedding. A wedding is a considerable amount of work and can often feel like you are putting in this effort, not for you and your new partner but to please your families and to align with some tradition that you don’t really understand. The honeymoon is just for you, it is the chance for you and your new spouse to go somewhere special, to have time alone, and to reflect on the commitment you have just made to each other. It is strange then that in 2020 there is a growing trend of group honeymoons, where instead of taking off alone people are going on their honeymoon with their friends. 

I must admit that before I researched this article, I was skeptical. The idea of a group honeymoon seemed terrible to me. I am recently married and when my husband and I went on our honeymoon it was incredible. We got to spend an entire ten days together exploring Bali. If we wanted to interact with other people we could chat with strangers in the hotel, if we wanted to be alone, we were. It was incredibly romantic and every night when we went for dinner and stared into each other’s eyes and told each other how happy we were, it reaffirmed the reasons I wanted to marry that man. On our honeymoon, I realized time and time again why I was such a lucky woman.

Yet, after doing some research I can understand why group honeymoons would suit some people and maybe it would suit you. Many people see the wedding as a great group celebration of their matrimony. They love the party that takes place after the wedding ceremony is finished and want that feeling to continue. These people then invite a select group of friends with them on the holiday of a lifetime. 

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They still need to make sure that they have time alone with their spouse, it is a honeymoon after all. However, instead of spending all the time alone together, something you have likely never done before. They spend much of the time with the group and still spend the special, intimate moments, alone with their new husband or wife.

It is a fantastic way to keep the celebrations of your new commitment going. I guess the decision of whether to have a honeymoon with you and your partner alone or with a group, comes down to you. If you are someone who loves being with a group of friends and loves being with your partner in that group of friends than a group honeymoon may be perfect for you. If you are someone who loves being alone with your partner then clearly a group honeymoon would be a terrible idea.

Before you raise the idea of a group honeymoon with your friends, make sure you discuss it in detail with your partner. Plan exactly how much time you want to spend alone with him/her and exactly how things will be paid for. If you approach a friend and ask them to come on your honeymoon they may think it is all expenses paid, so just be clear on the finest details. 

The most important thing is to choose people for your group honeymoon that you know will make it a special memory. Don’t take people who will start to annoy you after a couple of days and don’t take people who like to steal the limelight. Whatever you decide, this is a special moment for you and your partner and you can’t give anyone the opportunity to take that away from you. While the idea of a group honeymoon is growing, and I can sort of understand it, I am still glad that my partner and I honeymooned alone.

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