The countries that nobody can visit
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There are some countries that will always be popular destinations and others that come and go like passing fashions. France and Italy, given their location, culture, and everything else will always be two of the most visited countries in the world. Places like India are now really popular for a yoga retreat and Asia itself has become a must-visit destination for a few months of wanderlust. Whether these places will continue to be in such high demand remains to be seen as other destinations continue to compete to be the must-go-to place. Yet there are some countries in the world that people can’t visit, let’s take a close look at them.

Afghanistan is one of the most famous countries in the world yet it is not for its tourism. The reasons why Afghanistan is not often visited are obvious. The country has had a tough time from war and there is still fighting taking place. This means that is extremly difficult to visit the country with visas usually only granted for military purposes. However there are some exceptions granted and anyone who has been to the country has spoke at length of the beauty there. The architecture alone is worth seeing.

Syria today is a warzone and the fighting there is devasting many lives. This of course means that is both impossible to get a visa or even a flight to the countrys. At present the war stricken country is not a place anyone would want to visit. However, prior to the fighting Syria was a beautiful place and we can only hope that the fighting will end soon. The people of Syria too are incredibly kind and have always been welcome to visitors.

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Leaving those countries that are facing violence to one side the other countries that are difficult to visit are those that are isolated. Nauru is a beautiful country that is located right on the equator. The country is so small that you could go for a jog around it in no time and see everything you need to see. Yet it is the least visited country in the entire world! It is only possible to reach Nauru from four other countries so start planning for many connecting flights if you do hope to reach there as they do not make it easy. 

Kiribati is another remote nation that is worth visiting if you can. The nation has a shortlist of visitors from certain countries that it will accept so depending on your passport you may never be allowed to visit. If you are allowed to organize a visa then you still need some good fortune. Planes only land in Kiribati twice a week so it will take some considerable logistical efforts to put you on that island.

Uzbekistan is a country that is not incredibly isolated and with no large wars taking place, yet it is still tough to visit. The main reason is that they do not want visitors. To be allowed into Uzbekistan you must actually receive an invitation from someone in the country. The most common loophole is to ask a hotel to invite you over. While this sounds simple authorities have started to catch on to this approach and are cracking down on people who are invited under false pretenses. Saying that, Uzbekistan is amazing and if you can get there, you must. The architecture is like something out of a fairytale and must be seen to be believed. 

Here are just five of the hardest countries to visit and we managed to get through all five without mentioning North Korea. If you think there are tougher places to visit then please let us know as we would love to find out more about them and share with all of our readers.

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