The 5 most magical Christmas markets in Europe

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Europe turns a magical continent during the holiday season, especially Christmas. Europe’s Christmas markets are some of the best traditional places with a combination of both, modern and local flavors. Europe shines throughout the night in red and blue lights from November to the end of December.

The European Christmas starts with the first four Sundays before Christmas Eve.  A big celebration is held at the feast of St. Nicholas on 5th of December.

Everyone celebrates Christmas Eve with midnight mass and a grand meal. You will find many locals and tourists gathered around the streets having a great time. Here are some of Europe’s most magical Christmas markets. 

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The Chester Market in England near Northgate Street is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe. You will find decorations, woolen clothing, gifts, handmade crafts, accessories and everything else you can wish for during the holiday season. This market is set up around Chester Cathedral with more than 70 different shopping places and stalls surrounding the street.

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One of the oldest markets in the history of European Christmas markets, this tradition has been followed for more than 200 years now. The Fira De Santa Llucia market in Barcelona has more than 250 Christmas marketplaces and stalls that are specially set up around Christmas.

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Beautifully decorated stalls can be seen there with a variety of gifts, toys, and accessories. This market is also famous for the tradition of The El Tio De Nadal.


The Weihnachtsmarkt Santa Croce in Florence, Italy is a German market that has been here for more than 5 centuries. This traditional Christmas market is famous for some delicious foods and sweets from across the continent. This delightful market is full of gifts, local art, chocolates, jewellery and many other local items that you will love. The charm of this historic market never fails to impress and excite the visitors.  

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The Christmas Market of Switzerland is situated in Old Town Basel over the regions of Barfusserplatz and Munsterplatz. The entire market here is beautifully designed and is one of the largest markets in Switzerland. There are more than 160 different marketplaces and Christmas stalls where you can find every single holiday accessory. This traditional Christmas market starts from 28 November and opens daily till 8 or 9 pm.

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The winter lights festival is one of the finest Christmas markets in Luxembourg City. It is located around the medieval square area which is the central part of the city. You will find beautiful decorations around the market place and Christmas stalls. Visit there and complete your Christmas shopping list. You can find everything there including the traditional mulled wine, local foods, decorations, woolen clothing and different types of Christmas gifts.

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The 5 most magical Christmas markets in Europe are one of the best places to visit around Christmas as it is celebrated here with immense joy. Many tourists plan their trips around the holidays to witness the magical Christmas markets and the beautiful decorations. These magical Christmas markets of Europe will surely make you fall in love with their beauty.

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