Overland through Europe and Asia in a year

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Modern travel is fast and convenient, and spanning continents can now be done in less than a day. For most people, this is the best way to travel. Not everyone is interested in flying over some of the most beautiful sights in the world, so taking a road trip by truck from Austria to Vladivostock in the space of a year is a wonderful way to create amazing memories and experience the real world.

The northern portions of southern Europe are perfect places to perfect skiing, and the cold presents its own brand of beauty to those who love the feel of sliding down snowy slopes. The air is crisp, and the sky is a beautiful blue contrast to the white landscape.

Snow and skiing can be wonderful for a few days, but thawing out might be a good idea for those willing to continue the journey. The Middle East offers its own share of intriguing places for those ready to bake, and the Stars Valley is a place where they can do just that. It is easy to enjoy the milder temperatures while viewing the galaxy late at night from a camp site.

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The heat and the sand storms are two issues that can arise in the desert, and the roads tend to be as harsh as the climate. Vehicles can break down as the heat and sand eat away at them. It might seem a waste of time, but the Iranian desert can offer stunning views to those willing to risk it.

When it is time to move on, Uzbekistan provides a glimpse into another culture with ancient mosques climbing into the sky. Their rounded towers are a forerunner of the beautiful lakes and scenery this area of the world provides while traveling. They presage the beauty of Tajikistan and its mountain tarns with pristine waters.

Moving further east brings travelers to Hindukush where the beauty of Afghanistan’s mountains can be admired from another country. Going in this direction leads travelers to the Pamir Highway and the second highest mountain pass in the world where they can feel the thin oxygen and biting cold.

Central Asia has many surprises for the world traveler, and they begin with horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan. For those who love the national flower of Austria, they will find an abundance of Edelweiss. Yurts are almost as prevalent as flowers, and they showcase the nomadic lifestyle still practiced today.

When it is time to leave the beauties of the high mountain behind, the Tien Shan Mountain range offers summer snow. It is a path to the Russian Steppes, and it clears the way to continue exploring the eastern half of Asia.

Steeped in a long history, the nomads of Mongolia are willing to share parts of their culture with strangers from distant lands, and they have plenty to offer. Many modern cultures live far from the land, but the nomads have retained their ancient skills.

Lake Baikal is the deepest known lake in the world, and the clear waters are a stopping point for explorers. It lies deep in the heart of Russia, and it provides a quick stop before reaching the end of the continent at Vladivostok

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