Midwest American treats to satisfy your sweet tooth

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America is a land known for eating some tasty food. While the cuisines of France, Thailand, Mexico and Italy are famed around the world, one thing can not be denied. Americans know how to make tasty treats. We wanted to share with you one of our favorite recipes from the Midwest of America. Warning, this is not healthy. Sometimes you have to be bold and embrace something truly delectable. Here is an excellent option.

The scotch-a-roo is an incredible snack that on first appearances look like it might disappoint. Yet after one bite your facial expression alone will show just how tasty they are. These treats will remind you of all the best bits of your favorite candy bar but will add something more. 

In terms of ingredients you will need to gather 1 cup of your favorite peanut butter (we thought creamy worked best but if you want chunky, you get chunky), 1 cup of corn syrup, ¾ cup of brown sugar, 2 tablespoon of butter, ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract, ⅛ teaspoon of salt, 5 cups of crispy rice cereal, 6 ounces of chocolate chips, 6 ounces of butterscotch chip. The ingredients alone will tell you this is not one for the health conscious.

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The first step is to make your mixture. Take the salt, vanilla extract, sugar, syrup and peanut butter and mix in a pot. Heat the pot on medium until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is almost bubbling. Take the pan off the heat and stir in your cereal.

Microwave your chips for about 30 seconds. This will combine your two chip flavors into a smooth chocolate sauce. Put your mixture from earlier on an oven tray (that you have sprayed with some oil) and lather the mixture in the chocolate sauce.

Place the pan in the fridge until the toppings set, about a half an hour. Cut the slab into around 30 bars and eat them over the next 5 days! Heaven in a bar form. 

If this recipe is to your liking we highly recommend checking out some other mid western delights. The Midwest has a fantastic approach to baking. They make delicious treats that don’t hold back on ingredients or flavor. Apple dapple cake has been around since the middle of last century and has evolved into many variations, our favorite is with caramel and a little bit of coffee. The donut loaf is another favorite. It looks like any other cake but the strong nutmeg makes it so much more.

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