Why should go to Colombia

Twenty years ago, few people vacationed in Colombia. Back then, a decades-long war had ravaged the country, and paisas were just starting to reclaim their communities post-Pablo-Escobar. But these days, things are very different. Colombia is enjoying what can only be described as a renaissance. Resilient and determined, the nation has emerged an award-winning, vibrant phoenix from war-torn ashes — and there’s been no better time to visit.

Perfect weather

It doesn’t get much better than the Colombian climate. The coastal beach resorts offer tropical environs while a city like Medellin — also known as “the city of eternal spring” —enjoys year-round balmy weather.
Sorry snowbirds, even though the Andes mountain range runs through the country’s spine, Colombia is currently bereft of ski lifts. However, advanced skiers can sometimes indulge in extreme downhill if they can find a helicopter willing to drop them on a snow-capped peak.

Amazing Caribbean and Pacific beaches

Colombia has a coast on both the crystalline Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, so sandy stretches wreath the country. But if you want a unique experience, head to Capurganá near the Panamanian border. The community prohibits motor vehicles within its limits, making the region a nature lover’s paradise. Protected by reefs, the water is postcard-perfect and home to a diverse variety of marine life.

Outdoor playground

Colombia is a land of plenty, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to go whitewater rafting, rock climbing, surfing, kite surfing, horseback riding through the mountains, hiking in the valley, trekking through the Amazon, or rock jumping, Colombia can hook you up.

Incredible food

Colombia is a culinary stronghold. The country’s climate allows for year-round growing, and fresh food has become a national point of pride. With influences from all corners of the globe, Colombian dishes range from savory to sweet and include rare vegetable and fruit ingredients.

“Megadiverse” ecosystem

In terms of its biodiversity, Colombia lands on the list of “megadiverse” ecosystems. Within its borders are the Amazon rainforest and two deserts. Since its turnaround, more and more ecotourism companies are guiding visitors through the country’s natural wonders.

With favorable exchange rates, Colombia is one of the best bangs for your current buck. You’ll have a fantastic time, so start planning a Colombian vacation today.