What you need to do when there is summer heatwave

Heatwaves can be quite a hiccup and headache on your summer escape. Not only is its heat fairly uncomfortable, but it’s proven to be deadly as well. When you’re exposed to extreme heat, you become more susceptible to heatstroke, dehydration, and exhaustion. Even worse, it can strain your lungs and heart as well as lead to long-term consequences and diseases.

So, make sure to check out these tips to prevent many illnesses, as you deal with a summer heatwave.

 Wear appropriate clothing

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Cotton is an excellent clothing option when dealing with a summer heatwave. After all, cotton is an incredibly lightweight and breathable material. To make it even more comfortable, wear light-colored cotton clothing since dark-colored clothes tend to absorb heat.

Additionally, avoid multiple clothing layers if that’s possible.

Take it slow

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Got a busy and active lifestyle? You might have to take your energy down a notch and watch yourself more closely. Furthermore, be more careful when playing sports and do less demanding exercises at the gym.

Proper hydration

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Always carry a safe, clean drinking water supply with you when dealing with a summer heatwave. And, don’t forget to take some water sips throughout the day. There are fitness watches that will remind you when you should be taking a sip of water.

Alternatively, you may use a smartphone app to help you keep track of the water you have to drink for the day.

If you’re sweating a ton and worried about dehydration, head to a pharmacy nearby and buy a hydration sachet or sports drinks.

Just be a little careful with caffeinated drinks, though, as they may lead to dehydration. Keep them to a minimum as much as possible.

Improve natural ventilation and airflow

Close the curtains, blinds, and windows on the areas of the building with direct exposure to the sun. Also, open windows on places and rooms with good natural ventilation. If there’s air-conditioning available, set it at a pretty comfortable temperature.

If that’s not available, use a fan. To make yourself feel a bit cooler, splash some water on your face and skin and let it dry using the fan.

Also, make it a point to take a cold bath or shower. It literally cools you down quickly and makes you feel more comfortable for the entire day.

Avoid the sun’s scorching heat

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Stay indoors and avoid direct contact with the sun from 11 AM to 3 PM. Keep in mind that the sun’s heat peaks during these hours. If you really need to get out, be sure to bring a hat and a good sun-block.

And, of course, carry a good mixture of hydration water.

And, by the way, there are some people who are more at risk than the rest, including the elderly, children and ill people. When dealing with summer heatwaves, these people should take extra care.