The best way to pack your luggage, according to flight attendants

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Need a little help, when it comes to packing for your trip? Then, make sure to heed these words of advice from the bona fide experts in traveling – the flight attendants. Since they literally travel for a living, these folks surely know a lot of tricks and tips, when it comes to packing luggage.

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Whether you’re going for a weekend break or a long backpacking journey, these tips will come in handy for your next trip.

What flight attendants pack

Ashley Smith, the owner of AshleySmithTV and a flight attendant, mainly carries four travel essentials: sunscreen, a swimsuit, a cute black dress and an umbrella. If ever she gets unexpectedly rerouted, she’s always ready and geared up to head to the beach.

What’s more, these travel essentials let her go around when it’s raining and enjoy a night out if she ends up in an unexpected location.  

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Taresha Ferguson, a traveling enthusiast who vlogs about her adventures as a flight attendant, says she never travels without packing a moisturizer.

With the constant shifting climates and cabin pressure, your skin becomes drier than it normally is when you fly often. As Ferguson said, moisturizer is crucial when you fly frequently. Otherwise, you skin will age much faster than you.

Kelly Kincaid, the owner of Jetlagged Comic and a major airline flight attendant, never flies without her flip-flops. She wears them in the shower as well as at the hotel room.

When she first began working as an attendant, she had a plantar wart on her foot’s bottom after using the hotel showers.

And, unlike shoes, they are easy to pack and lightweight, meaning you’ll have a ton of room for your other stuff.

How attendants pack

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Figuring out how to stuff everything on your baggage is like solving a complex puzzle or playing Tetris. Thankfully, these attendants are here to reveal their packing systems and strategies.

Ashley Smith carries shoe bags whenever she flies. And, she uses them to reuse plastic bags or store her shoes in the packaging that they came in.

Ferguson usually puts her shoes on her luggage’s bottom. Afterward, she puts her rolled-up outfits on top of her footwear. Lastly, she tucks off her toiletries bag with all her soaps and makeup in one corner.

Additionally, she suggests that the key to efficient packing is to pack only what you need as far as clothes go.

For chronic over-packers, Kelly Kincaid suggests that you abandon the idea of wearing a new and different outfit every day when you travel.

She, obviously, wears new socks and underwear every day. But, when she’s on a 3-day trip, she’ll likely wear the same clothing on her layovers.

Stella Connolly, the creator of Fly with Stella, recommends wearing your heaviest clothes or items (like shoes and jackets) rather than packing them. Wrapping sweaters around the waist and wearing layers will create an extra baggage room.