The attraction of Barbados Dave Primov
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If you think of Barbados you likely think of white sand beaches and lazing in the sun all day. It is one of the most famous Caribbean Islands and attracts many tourists every year who want to sample a little bit of paradise. Yet if you are planning a trip to the place locals call ‘Bim’ it would be a mistake to spend all your time relaxing on the beach. There is so much to see and do on this small island that you should plan ahead and plan to be active.

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One of the best activities to try in Barbados is surfing. The waves are famous for all surfers with intermediate and experts able to find plenty of waves that have long and steady breaks to fill them with glee. Beginners too can find numerous spots where they can play in the white water and learn the key skills. The most famous surf spot is the Soup Bowl. The Soup Bowl is located on Bathsheba beach but has earned the soup moniker because of the foam that is constantly on the water. Kelly Slater famously says that he ranks it as one of his top three waves in the world. Interesting to note though that he also ranks it highly because while waiting for the wave you can hang out on the beach and eat breadfruit and sugarcane with the locals. 

For rum lovers out there you will likely already be very familiar with Mount Gay Rum. A famous rum that comes from the island of Barbados. The rum is not named Mount Gay because it makes you happy, it is so-called after Sir John Gay Alleyne. He managed the distillery on the island of Barbados for many years after his friend purchased a plantation at Mount Gilboa. The rum is rated highly among passionate rum drinkers and if you visit you can embark on a tour of the distillery and stay for lunch. This is one tour that we rate incredibly highly. 

The geography of the island is also worth checking out. One of the most famous attractions is Harrison’s cave. The cave is full of beautiful caverns, stalactites, and stalagmites. The cave is so deep that you can actually get inside on a tram. For those who think that if you have seen one stalactite, you have seen them all, you need to see Harrison’s cave. It is a sight straight out of a book of magic and wonder.

For the less adventurous among us, there is still plenty worth seeing in Barbados. One of the most beautiful attractions is Hunte’s Gardens. These gardens are rated as the number one thing to do on Tripadvisor and there is a good reason. They are incredibly beautiful. Described by many as the most enchanting place on Earth the garden offers a rare variety of plants and a beauty that is unparalleled. 

There are many caves, gardens, mountains, and beaches to see while you stay in Barbados and the island is so small that you can see everything quite easily. In addition, there are numerous plantations that are still in good shape today that you can tour and enjoy. The island of Barbados is the paradise of all paradises. It has relaxed people, beautiful weather, and gorgeous surroundings to ensure you never waste a moment on a trip there.

If you are interested in tanning yourself on the beach, Barbados has some of the best places for you to do that, but let’s be honest you can do that in many places around the world. However, if you are interested in something more; a unique culture, some adventure, and some unmatched beauty then Barbados is a must for your bucket list.