The 5 most special bridges

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Bridges are special structures, which many people use every day. It seems to be quite normal for most people, yet bridges have something mysterious and often are tourist attractions. They determine the skyline of cities to a large extent. Above is the Erasmus bridge that shapes the Rotterdam skyline.

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The Erasmus Bridge is a beautiful and special bridge, but does not belong to the top. To give you an idea which bridges you have to add to your bucket list, we have prepared a top 5 for you.

Number 5: Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA

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The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is probably one of the most famous bridges. The bridge occurs in many films and characterizes the Skyline of New York.

The suspension bridge connects the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs over the East River with a length of 486.3 meters. The bridge is one of New York’s best free attractions and has a wide pedestrian and cycle path. While you walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you will be overwhelmed by the view of the skyline you see here, because of the crowds it is somewhat difficult to enjoy the view. Construction of the bridge started in 1869 and in total it took 14 years to build the bridge.

Number 4: Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

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A visit to Florence is not complete when you have not seen the Ponte Vecchio. The Ponte Vecchio spans the River Arno at the narrowest point. The bridge was first built in Roman times, but rebuilt in the 14th century after it was destroyed by a flood. During the Second World War it was the only bridge that the fleeing Germans were not destroyed. There have always been shops on the Ponte Vecchio. In the middle ages these were butchers and fish sellers, but later it was decided that only goldsmiths and jewelers could have their stores here. This is now one of the most exclusive shopping streets in Europe.

Number 3: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

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The Charles Bridge is a beautiful stone bridge over the Vltava River and connects the old town of Prague with the Malá Strana district. You enter the bridge through one of the two impressive gate buildings and then walk past the beautiful statues that give the bridge its unique appearance. The images on the bridge have now been replaced by replicas, because mass tourism destroyed the 600-year-old statues. To top it all off, the street musicians and artists provide a cozy, lively atmosphere. The bridge is 621 meters long and almost 10 meters wide and rests on 16 iconic arches. From the bridge tourists have a beautiful view of Prague and its city walls.

Number 2: Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Source: Shutterstock

The Golden Bridge is a new bridge that opened in June 2018. The bridge is located in the area of ​​Thien Thai, a tourist area near Da Nang, Vietnam. The bridge hangs at more than 1,400 meters above sea level and therefore has an amazing view of the Vietnamese landscape. The bridge is part of a multi-billion dollar project to increase tourism in the area. At the moment it is still quite quiet on the bridge as it is not yet well known, so we recommend to go as soon as possible before the big tourism has found the place.

The appearance of the bridge is a golden ribbon that hangs between two huge, majestic stone hands.

The two gigantic hands, which were deliberately aged, seem to shoot up from the sides of the hill and give the bridge an almost divine characteristic, giving visitors the feeling of being lifted by a gigantic stone man. It is covered with beautiful Lobelia flowers, which only adds to its appeal.

The photos of the Golden Bridge have appeared quickly on the internet and attract the curiosity of tourists. This is truly a unique design, ideal for admiring the breathtaking views of the magical land of Ba Na Hills.

Number 1: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA

Source: Shutterstock

The Golden Gate Bridge is at the top of the list of most special bridges. The iconic bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of the United States and is inextricably linked to the skyline of San Francisco. He belongs to the new wonders of the modern world. It spans the channel between the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The bridge was opened in 1936 and has been the longest suspension bridge in the world for almost 30 years, with a length of 1,300 m. The bridge has recently been modified to better withstand earthquakes. The bridge is popular with pedestrians and cyclists, and has walkways and cycle paths on both sides of the bridge. There is a lot of confusion among tourists why the bridge is called the Golden Gate bridge while it is red. The bridge is called so because the channel that spans the bridge is called the Golden Gate.

It is certainly worth to visit the Golden Gate at sunrise, this has a magical effect on the skyline of San Fransisco and it is also a lot less crowded.