How to meet locals wherever you go paul prescott

One of the best ways to experience a new destination when traveling is to experience it like a local, which is why it’s a great idea to meet locals wherever you go. But not everyone is great at meeting new folks, and it can sometimes be even more intimidating trying to meet locals when you are in a new place and are not familiar with the language. Fortunately though, there are plenty of great ways and ideas for any traveler to meet locals anywhere in the world.

The most common and easiest way to meet people is through conversation, simply striking up a conversation with people opens up so many opportunities. The easiest and most socially acceptable way to do this is to ask questions, be curious, and show your interest in the people and places you are near. Public places, small coffee shops, hotels where others are staying, and other local gathering places are all great ideas for places where you can easily strike up a conversation with locals wherever you go. With any luck you may find yourself invited to dinner, informed about local haunts that you might have overlooked, or have someone share their work and life with you.

Most of us travel for a specific reason, curiosity and the desire to experience something new being high on the list. Being curious and outgoing, putting yourself around new people and trying new things are not only great ways to experience a new destination, but it puts you around like minded locals. Say yes to local events, festivals, off the beaten path destinations, and just trying things that aren’t solely tourist traps.

A huge part of traveling to a new destination is letting yourself experience a new culture, and since it is the people that make a culture what it is, meeting people plays a huge part in this. Every new culture has different customs and traditions that might not seen normal to us, some might even make us uncomfortable when we first learn of them, or require a little courage. Keeping yourself open to trying new things and keeping an open mind to try and understand why things are done a certain way. When people feel accepted or understood they are more willing to share and let you into their world.

Overall, just being approachable and open to new experiences is going to make it possible for you to meet locals wherever you go in the world, changing the way you see and experience your travels.