How to eat well on vacation without breaking the bank

Viacheslav Lopatin/

One of the things you may be looking forward to the most on your vacation is the food. However, you may be worried that you will have to limit yourself because of the costs. Fortunately, you can still thoroughly indulge during your vacation without spending a lot. Here’s how to eat well without going over your food budget.

Partake in buffets

It’s not uncommon for buffets to have a bad reputation. By visiting one, you actually can enjoy a lot of delicious food for one affordable price. Just make sure you go to the buffet hungry. You may want to skip breakfast and head to a buffet for lunch. You will often pay less for lunch than dinner. By having a very filling lunch, you will most likely not be that hungry when dinner rolls around. This will allow you to just grab something light, and you will be able to save money as well. Make sure you check with your hotel to find out if they offer any complimentary meals for their guests. A lot of hotels do offer breakfast buffets for free.

Visit street vendors

If you are visiting a destination where there are street vendors, make sure you check them out! They often offer delicious food at affordable prices. It’s a great way to experience authentic cuisine without having to pay restaurant prices. You might be surprised at all of the different options available to you. If you only have so much to spend, then you should let the vendor know what you can pay. They may offer to whip up a dish for you that isn’t on the menu but is within your budget.

Eat at local restaurants

Chain restaurants may have a lot of the favorites that you are used to eating at home. Unfortunately, they can be pricey. Skip these types of restaurants and eat at local ones. They will probably have some budget-friendly options. You will also be able to really enjoy eating what the locals do.

Cook your own meals

If you like to cook and your accommodations will have a kitchen, you should cook some of your meals yourself. Imagine how much fun it will be to visit some of the local markets to pick up fresh ingredients to make a tasty dish. If you aren’t sure what to cook, you should ask one of the vendors at the market. They can recommend a few of the favorite dishes of the locals in the area.

As you can see, you can still eat well on vacation without spending a lot of money. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy a lot of delicious food without feeling like you are making a lot of sacrifices. Just make sure you plan ahead, and do a little bit of research about some of the local restaurants at your destination. This will allow you to figure out ahead of time what options are available to you.