Freelance jobs you can do while traveling

Want to get paid while traveling the world? Guess what? There are tons of employment opportunities that pay you handsomely as you travel the world. With internet technology evolving continuously, it has become easier for freelancers to find gigs online while appeasing their wanderlust.

So, don’t wait until you’re old and weak to travel the world. Check out these jobs that pay online freelance jobs that pay you handsomely.

With a laptop and internet access, you can do any of these cool jobs wherever you are in the world.

Travel writers/bloggers

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Travel writers and bloggers have the best jobs on earth. In fact, everyone envies them because they get plenty of opportunities to travel. Furthermore, they get VIP treatments from hotels and resorts that are hoping to get a glowing and impressive review. Of course, they receive a plethora of freebies from tour operators and airline companies.

Finding decent writing jobs can be rather tough, especially for a newbie. But, as long as you keep on hustling, you’ll soon find yourself chilling on the beach while writing an article for a client. To kick-start, your writing career, create a profile on Upwork and start hunting writing jobs.

App developer

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There’s no online job or skill, as of the moment, that’s as in-demand as app development. As smartphone technology progresses, more and more companies are looking for savvy and dynamic app developers. And, this online gig has great revenues too.


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Whether you’re designing greeting cards or websites, there’s a never-ending demand for folks with creative minds. If you have an eye for creating designs, start building a portfolio website to give people an idea of your style.

Once done, look for direct clients or approach agencies to find designing gigs. Additionally, you may sell your own designs on Etsy or any other creative marketplace.

 Web developer

Web development can be quite a rewarding online job for hardcore travelers. Millions of users across the world are building new websites on a daily basis. And, most of them will likely need the assistance of a professional website developer.

You may use freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork to find clients. Alternatively, you may join an agency that will give you a steady stream of projects and clients.


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Everybody wants to be the next rich tech giant or business tycoon. And, they usually want an expert who will show them the ropes. Those with experience and knowledge in writing, design, SEO, marketing, business or other skills may work as a consultant for start-ups and aspiring millions.

You may build a website that highlights your services and skills. Also, you should have Facebook advertisements or offer a free course for beginners to get some attention. You may, then, offer your consulting services and watch your savings grow.

There’s absolutely no shortage of freelance jobs these days. Just figure out your skills and start looking for jobs where you can maximize your abilities.