Enjoy Tokyo even more when you try these must eats

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Charming Tokyo is one of the centers of Japanese culture and a place with roots reaching back thousands of years. Home to millions of people, it’s one of the most amazing places to visit and eat. Tokyo is also the capital of Japanese eating. This is the place to try everything from the freshest sushi to the savory cutlets, incredibly lush soups and stews filled with protein. Anyone in search of varied cuisine with remarkably wonderful flavors will find Tokyo an endless place to celebrate. Bring your appetite along for the ride as you find many doors welcoming you with a thousand amazing scents.

Chanko nabe

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This is Japanese home-style hotpot. A large pot is filled with broth. In goes a whole pile of vegetables. Then it’s time for the meat. Chicken is traditional. That makes this Tokyo’s version of chicken soup for the soul. Dozens of restaurants make this one the right thing to share with a large crowd. It’s one that sumo wrestlers often eat right before a meet. Even if you’re not planning to hit the rink you can enjoy it. A cold winter night is just right for a group visit to a local place and your own steaming cup.


Fried rice merged with egg is the taste of choice for many cultures around the world. It’s a major thing in Tokyo where the goal is to create a fluffy egg and fluffy rice to go along with it. You can find fried rice wrapped in a blanket of carefully crafted omelet that invites you to open the package the second you see it. You can also type where the egg lies next to the rice. In any case, it’s one meal you’ll want to enjoy in Tokyo.


Everyone in Japan loves sushi. This is particularly true for those in Tokyo. They make it their own with hundreds of variations. In fact, the most common form of sushi is known as Edo Style Sushi. Edo is the old name of Tokyo. People here have been combining rice, vinegar, and raw fish since the 1820s. You can take part in this two-century old tradition and try as many as you like. Hit the local fish markets or go try a long course of professionally made stuff at one of many upscale restaurants.

Tokyo buns

While many visitors associate rice with Japan, in Tokyo wheat is just as important. You’ll find an incredible variety of buns in the bakeries on the streets. Many districts have their own special variant of Tokyo buns. Take the time to take a tour of the region. You’ll find the anpan with red bean paste a great treat. There’s a version with cream right for dessert. The kare pan is fried and stuffed with many different types of curry filling. Enjoy them in the morning as your breakfast or a snack later in the day.


This one is strictly for the noodle lover. You get a bowl of amazingly flavored broth that delights with every sip. On the side, there a pile of noodles made fresh and right for the entire meal. There’s udon for those who like their noodles thick and full of bite with each morsel. Diners who love something thin can find thin ramen curling and ready for your mouth. The goal is to have concentrated flavors that merge together to create a full meal. You can later add hot water if you want the whole thing to be a true ramen soup when you’re done.