Elephant walks towards the swimming pool, giving tourists the day of their lives

Last summer was the driest summer that South Africa had ever experienced, the people in Cape Town were afraid that Ground Zero, the day that no more water would come out of the tap, would take place.

tørket ut elefanter. Bilde av Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

It had not been raining for months. The animals in South Africa have even more problems with this. So that might explain the special encounter in the amazing video at the end of this article. 

Almost all rivers had turned into dry river beds, so that the beautiful flora and fauna in the national parks of the country had no access to water. Animals were searching for days for a river or a small puddle of water to drink out.

Source: Freepik

So when a dried out elephant in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, ran into a swimming pool of a hotel, he walked right up to the swimming vacationers.

A lot of people got on their bucket list to go to South Africa to see the amazing wild animals on a safari. The vacationers who were swimming in the pool were not expecting this.

They thought it was great on the one hand, but on the other side, the fear shot through their entire body, because such a big elephant can be aggressive to people.

Source: Youtube

They did not dare to move and said nothing to each other, while the friendly elephant with his enormous tusks looked straight into their eyes. 

The owner of the resort says that animals from the Savannah regularly come to the pool to take a dip or drink a bit, especially at night. That is why he has chosen not to put chlorine into the water, because this is unhealthy for the animals.

One thing is for sure, the vacationers will never forget this. Luckily it was filmed otherwise no one would have believed them.