Artist spent 10 years of his life to create the largest bird statue in the world

There’s no place on earth quite like India. For years, India has been luring travelers worldwide, thanks to its sacred temples, mouthwatering cuisine, intriguing history and culture. And, just recently, a new mind-blowing and wondrous attraction is making the waves on social media, making India even more appealing.

The attraction we are referring to is no other than the new gigantic statue of Jatayu in Earth Centre, near Kerala, India. Created by the renowned filmmaker and artist Rajiv Anchal, this surreal statue brings to life an old Indian myth. With its immense size and elaborate details, it’s surely a gorgeous sight you should see before you die.

The magnificent sculpture is dedicated to the Hindu epic Ramayana

Source: Withlai

Written flawlessly in Sanskrit, the beloved Ramayana epic is a story of a gigantic Ramayana eagle that fell during its battle against Ravana, in hopes of saving Sita – a Hindu goddess. For countless of years, the Chadayamangalam village residents in Kollam, Kerala have been familiar with this story.

And, now, it had been brought to life by Rajiv Anchal in the most spectacular way.

It’s the world’s largest bird sculpture

Source: Kerala Tourism

With a whopping width (tail to head) of 200 feet, it’s, no doubt, the largest bird sculpture on earth.

And, did we mention that it was built on top of the skyscraping 1,000-feet-tall Jatayupara towers?

Rajiv Anchal, filmmaker as well as the sculpture’s author, said he had this idea in mind for over 10 years. As a matter of fact, he presented this sculpture’s model to the Department of Tourism in the 1980s when he was studying Fine Arts. And, while they were pretty impressed, nobody took the idea seriously back then.

On a side note, the sculpture’s author said how essential it is not to turn his creation into a religious landmark from a cultural one. He said that Jatayu died to protect to honor of a woman and that’s what the huge statue stands for.

Other activities nearby

Source: Team Jatayu

The statue is a sight that will leave you speechless, and is definitely worth the trip. But, there are tons of activities that can make your visit even more exciting.

Here, you can do rifle shooting, play paintball, rappel and do some rock climbing. What’s more, there’s a museum and a lovely Ayurvedic resort nearby.