10 Travelhacks that will save your vacation

I am Kulz/Shutterstock

Traveling can be stressful if you aren’t aware of the little things you can do to make the entire experience go over more smoothly. Follow along for the top ten travel hacks that will take your vacation from a stress-filled nightmare to a relaxing vacation filled with fun and adventure.

Keep packing to a minimum

While you pack your bags, keep in mind that you will only need a few outfits while you’re away. Try to pack clothing that can be mixed and matched to create new outfits with just a few articles. Make sure to have at least one outfit for special occasions but otherwise keep it simple.

Learn to haggle

Instead of sticking to the main streets, head to the remote stores in back alleys and the outskirts of major cities to find vendors who are willing to haggle for the best deal. Remember to be firm and confident while you haggle, but be respectful to the needs of the vendor as well.

Stay informed

Before traveling abroad, make sure that you’re aware of any discord that may be taking place in the places you’ll be visiting. In case of any emergency situations where you might find yourself stranded in a foreign country, be aware of the location of your national embassy or consulate in case you need to call on them.

Book activities in advance

Don’t leave anything up to chance while you travel around the globe. If there is a special event or place that you want to visit while you’re in town, be sure to make reservations or book in advance to ensure you’ll get to experience everything on your list.

Keep the kids entertained

Whether you’re taking a long flight with the entire family, or visiting tourist destinations around the world, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. Bring along games, snacks, or even books to keep them occupied when there is little else to keep them amused.

Respect the culture

One of the more apparent tips on the list; be respectful of the culture of the area to which you are visiting. Even if you’re not aware of all the proper customs, being respectful toward them can go a long way.

Protect your skin

Take antibacterial cleanser and lots of sunblock as you travel the globe. You never know how the atmosphere in another environment will affect your skin, and you’ll more than likely burn instead of bronze without sunscreen.

Be aware of local wildlife

Are there a lot of mosquitos in the area you will be visiting? What about other insects or animals that may carry diseases? Know what precautions you will need to take before you travel, including where the nearest hospital will be.

Make a difference

Volunteering your time while visiting another country or region will not only make you feel better about yourself, but you will have also left a positive mark on a new place by providing help for those who need it most.

Stay active

Don’t gain the extra weight that comes with vacation eating. Keep yourself active by enjoying nature hikes with the family, going for a run up the beach, or renting cycles for a day of adventure in a new city.