Bucket list: a roadtrip on the historical Route 66

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The classic and historic Route 66 is an unforgettable journey into America as the romance of this road continues to captivate people around the world. Route 66 is also known as the “America’s Highway” as it is around 2400 miles long, connecting Illinois with California. The road is driven by millions of Americans and tourists. But what is so special about this road? There are so many things that are special about this road and this is why you should take a road trip to Route 66.

The Longest Route

Getting from one end of Route 66  to others is a big commitment. You have to travel around 2400 miles crossing eight different states. It means you are going to experience real adventure and that’s what life is all about.

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The Road is Fun

Route 66 is a path that cuts through many small towns giving you an unforgettable insight into rural America. Just cruise along the open road without worrying about what lane you are in.

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The Attractions

There are so many roadside fun attractions that will not only break-up your journey but make it an ever-lasting experience. You will come across the Whale of Catoosaa giant rocking chair, Cadillac Ranch, the WigWam Motel, and the MidPoint Cafe. There are so many gift shops where you can stop to collect some souvenirs to remind you of your Route 66 journey.

You Won’t Feel the Hunger

America is known for its quality diners and you will get so many of them along Route 66. You won’t have to worry about hunger as you are never far from your next meal of delicious burger, fries, and a milkshake. Just avoid stopping at all of them as your trip may take longer than expected time.

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Amazing People

Even if you are cruising through the Route 66 all alone, you will never feel lonely. You will meet people with different characters along the Route 66 who are more than happy to share some of their stories about the famous and historic road.

Route 66 is a road that crosses through the charming cross-section of American scenes. The legendary Route 66 passes through the heart of America on a diagonal trip. If you too have been thinking of taking a road trip on Route 66 then what are you waiting for?

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