Brazil’s best alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks to try

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Brazil is a beautiful country filled with a lot of history, and part of that history is passed down through the food and drinks. If you are planning to visit Brazil, you should consider the following delicious drinks while you’re there.

The non-alcoholic options

Limonada suíça

The first drink you want to seek out is this popular Brazilian lime drink. There are a number of variations, so even if you have one, you may want to have it again to see what it tastes like with alterations.

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The most common way to make this drink is to combine pieces of an unpeeled lime, sugar, ice, and some water. The mixture is blended in a machine and then strained through this mixture. Sometimes, condensed milk is used instead of just pure water. What you get is a strong lemonade drink that is simply one of a kind.

Pineapple alua

Here is another drink worth talking about. Traditionally, this drink could be lightly fermented, which ends up making it taste like a soda, or it could be drunk as is. The drink is made by mixing pineapple peels in water, adding some sugar, cloves, and grating a little bit of ginger into the drink.

Now, there are some variations, like there are some that add corn kernels into the drink. What you end up with is a drink that has a little bit of sweetness combined with spiciness, thanks to the ginger and cloves. Make sure the drink has not been mixed with alcohol because some folks do alter the drink by adding a swig of alcohol.

Hopefully, one of these non-alcoholic drinks capture your imagination, but there are more options if you are hoping for something else, like the popular Guarana Antarctica. This is a popular soft drink you’ll find everywhere. The taste is somewhere between apples and berries.

The alcoholic drink options


One of the most famous drinks in Brazil is called Caipirinha. This is actually considered the national cocktail since it is popular in the country. The drink is made by combining cachaca, which is a sugarcane juice spirit, with lime and some sugar.

You may fall in love with the drink’s distinct citrus flavor, but you’ll have to try it to really know. The drink is enjoyed during hot summer days; the drink is also given to people who have a cold. You might have heard of drinking a spirit drink to deal with a cold, and it happens here, too.


Those who want a little more fruit in their cocktails are in luck because Brazil offers the batida drink. This is made using cachaca as well, but it is mixed with lemon juice, coconuts, and passion fruit. Some people change the fruit, so you aren’t always going to get the same drink, which makes this an exciting option.

A little bit of sugar and some ice cubes will be added, and then, it is blended up together. Some people in Brazil make this drink with sour cream or sweetened condensed milk. The drink is going to look milky white, but it is a good drink to try when you are out in Brazil with friends or that special someone.

Hopefully, you are curious enough to try one or all of these drinks and any others you are exposed to during your travels.

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