There are so many beautiful places to travel to. As a traveler, you would prefer to see everything, but that is not possible. That is why it is important that you are informed with the right information, so that you can make the best choice.

On our website you read misspellings, there are bugs in our code and we are not as professional as a newspaper, but we are a lot more fun.

Why Travel Feed?
We do not want to overwhelm you with unnecessary information and nonsensical messages, that is why we are working every day to create the best content. We prefer a high quality above quantity. We believe in: not much is good … but the good is a lot. That is why the number of articles, will fluctuate a lot. Sometimes there will be a couple of articles a day, sometimes only 1, and if we do not like what we find worth sharing we will post none.

What do we share?
We only share the travel stories that touch people or stories that give people new travel ideas. Stories that give you a good feeling, inspire you, amaze you or make you laugh.

Do you want to share your travel stories with us and with as many people as possible, then send your story to us by getting in touch.