6 Most special and traditional festivals in the world.

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Music festivals such as the Miami Ultra and Mysteryland have been very popular in recent years. There are more and more festivals and they are becoming more spectacular. One example would be the Burning Man, which is held in the middle of the hot desert of Nevada.

For centuries, festivals, which really belong to the culture of the country, have been held in every part of the world, such as the Chinese New Year and Brazilian Carnival. These traditional festivals are much cooler than your everyday music festival.

Through these festivals you really get to know the culture of the country, so we have listed the 15 most special and large festivals for you. Grab your travel book, because you might want to visit some of these festivals someday.

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Number 6: Albuquerque Balloon Festival – United States

Source: National Geographic Pexels

This is literally the highest lying festival on this list. In Alburquerque, a festival is organized every year at which hundreds of balloons go up in the air from the same spot. The hot air balloons come in all kinds of different colors and shapes.

This makes for a beautifully colorful sky. It is not only extremely special to watch from the ground, but it also looks beautiful from the balloon, especially at sunrise.

Number 5: Tomatina – Spain

Source: Tomatina Bunol Pexels

In Spain, a special festival, which can actually be summarized as a ‘ball with tomatoes’, is being held. Tomatina is celebrated in the village of Bunol in Spain, close to Valencia.

If you want to be part of this, you have to keep the last Wednesday of August free and also pack clothes that can get dirty, including a pair of goggles. This tradition started as a way to celebrate a good harvest.

Today, 120,000 kilos of tomatoes are thrown around during this festival. In another part of Spain, people would do this with turnips. This is called Jarramplas.

Number 4: Oktoberfest – Germany

Oktoberfest Duitsland
Source: Oktoberfest Pexels

The Oktoberfest, which originates from Munich, Germany and is also held in several European countries today, is the largest beer festival in the world.

Every real beer drinker must have experienced an Oktoberfest. The only thing you have to do for this is to dress in the typical bavarian pair of Lederhosen, crave a German bratwurst and be very thirsty to drink beer.

Number 3: Carnival – Brazil

This is probably the most famous festival on this list. The Brazilian Carnival is unique in many ways.

It is a massive party all over the country and all worries are forgotten during these days. If you want to travel to Rio de Janeiro, it is certainly worthwhile to do this during the carnival.

You can then admire the large parade with special floats, beautiful performers and dancers.

Number 2: Holi – India

Holi Festival Utah. Foto door Marcin Dampc van Pexels
Source: Holi Festival Utah Pexels

In India, people celebrate the beginning of spring with the Hindu festival Holi. Everyone goes out into the street with paint, spray cans and colored powder during that time and it all turns into a real color fight. It is a big party where everyone just dances on the street to Bollywood music.

Today, this spectacle has been copied in many places in the world. Events such as the color run and the Holi Festival in Utah, which is now the most colored music festival, are popular amongst festival lovers.

Number 1: Songkran Festival – Thailand

Songkran Festival van Wikimedia Commons.
Source: Songkran Festival Pexels

The Songkran Festival is a tradition in Thailand and marks the begin of the Thai New Year. Everyone in Thailand takes to the streets with water guns during the festivities and the streets turn into a big water fight, including water balloons and buckets filled with water.

Even some rescued elephants are taking part in this and they enjoy it very much. As the whole of Thailand takes part in this in a frenzy, we have decided that this is the most special festival on our list,

So go buy some water guns and book a flight to Bangkok, because this is something you would definitely want to experience.

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