5 Ways to save on your journey to Disney World

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It’s possible to take a Disney World vacation and not break the bank. You may be a veteran or just planning to take your first trip to Disney. You may also be asking yourself the all-important question of how to save money before going to Disney. Check out the following savings tips for your next big vacation.

Food and beverage

You can plan to take approved snacks and beverages to the theme park. This can result in a boatload of savings. You can still purchase small tastes of the food at Disney World if it’s your desire. We get that it is a part of the experience. So, be selective and bring snacks to help curb your appetite while at the park. The best part is you won’t be breaking the bank just to satisfy hunger while enjoying your time at Disney.

Protective wear

Sunglasses and hats are a must-have for trips to Disney because the temperature can get hot. If you purchase them at Disney World, you could be shelling out over $10 bucks a pop. First, check to see if you have any protective wear to bring from home. If you’re all out, try the nearest retail store to save a considerable amount of money. Remember to bring extras just in case the sunglasses or hats fall out during a fun roller coaster ride. It’s best to always be prepared for surprises.

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Mickey ponchos are in full supply in preparation for rainy days at Disney. Purchasing a poncho at a fraction of the cost could save big bucks for your family. On average, ponchos cost $10 at the theme park. You can shop around beforehand to snag one for around $1-$5. Who wants to pay an enormous amount for a poncho anyway? Another plus is that each person can choose to wear their favorite color while standing out from the crowd. Purchase raingear before your next Disney vacation for maximum savings.

Autograph pad

Kids love to collect character autographs while exploring the park. A Disney themed autograph book can cost $15-$20 at the park. You can find Disney themed stickers, notebooks or miniature pads in Dollar Stores or other retail stores. Bring a pen from home instead of purchasing a new one. Save souvenir money for something unique.


Many grown-ups and kids alike love wearing a good costume from time to time. Their favorite tradition is to wear their favorite princess or hero costume when visiting Disney World. Disney Store offers costume discounts via email from time to time. Online and store retailers also offer cheaper prices. You can snag a costume for as little as $5 at some stores. Some Disney themed clothing or pajamas may look similar to a costume. Shop around to find deals at any time of the year.

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