The influencers paradise in the Dominican Republic Syda Productions

The Dominican Republic has faced some tough times on the tourist front lately. In 2019 six tourists died from strange illnesses that left many people afraid to visit the country. Since then the luxury hotels that are on the island have worked hard to attract new customers.

A new hotel opened recently in the location that cost $150 million to build. The Club Med Dominican Republic is one luxury hotel that will certainly be hoping customers don’t stay away. They have designed the hotel as an eco-conscious resort, built by locals using sustainable materials. It has chemical-free pools, relies on solar power, and has banned all single-use plastic. This key feature means it has become the flagship hotel for the Club Med brand and one they will be taking the best parts of to their other hotels in the future.

The luxury hotel has spared no expense in this operation and has chosen to aggressively market on social media with influencers. In building the hotel they have chosen four specific spots that are perfect for influencers to take their picture and go viral on social media. 

The chemical-free pool with green algae is certainly the highlight but the pink walls decorated with coconuts, the hammock by the beach, and the swing overlooking the ocean have all been designed with Instagram likes in mind. The first step of this plan is to attract new customers using aggressive social media advertising but step two is for viral marketing to take care of itself.

The hotel is not set up for a typical family holiday. This is a getaway for the rich, famous, and beautiful. The hotel can take up to 35 hours to get to depending on your location. Once you reach the isolated island it will take 3 hours of travel just to reach the luxury hotel. This makes it an ideal getaway for those who are seeking to escape the limelight. 

While the hotel is immaculate, the eco status is to be admired, and the marketing is driven, it remains to be seen whether the recent spate of deaths can be ignored by people seeking the perfect getaway. While we are all willing to travel for a great Instagram photo, risking death is another matter entirely. Although we are hopeful that whatever caused the mystery illness has been resolved we would like to wait a while before we set sail for the Dominican Republic.